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We are emigrating...

By the time we realized this, we had long since fallen in love with the little ranch. A moment ago we were amazed at the determination of TV emigrants who packed their bags with a rudimentary knowledge of the language, and now we are doing the same.

But one step back. We have and had „normal“ jobs in Germany. I mainly in human resources and Dietmar has his own company. Then came the time when just everything was right, the opportunities and the possibilities, and now we are looking forward to our future in Belgium. It’s an exciting time because even though it’s Europe, it’s a different country.

We would be happy if you accompany us on our way, because there is a lot to see and experience on the ranch. And there will certainly be some changes in the house and in the garden.

Of course we are also happy to welcome you as guests in our vacation apartment or in our vacation house.

We speak German, English and understand a little Dutch.

Christiane & Dietmar

Our pets

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Boris und Bossy
The chicken
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