Dogs at the Revival Ranch

You are very welcome to bring up to two dogs per vacation property. If you want to bring more dogs, we ask for prior agreement.

Unfortunately, only friendly dogs can be brought to the vacation apartment on the courtyard side, because our dogs also live there and encounters – even on a leash – cannot be avoid. Please note that the outside stairs made of grating might be problematic for dogs.

The entrance to the vacation house is on the street side, so dog encounters can be avoided there. We ask that incompatible dogs not be taken into the courtyard. And let us know in advance.

Dogs are allowed to stay alone in the rooms. Of course, they shouldn’t bark, scratch or break anything continuously and be housebroken.

Accomodation costs €5 per dog


We wish for all animals and people a wonderful and relaxing vacation. And we believe that all do their best for this and trust in mutual consideration. However, if things don’t work out that way, we reserve the right to exclude dogs from parts of the building and grounds.

Please bring enough blankets and towels for your dog.