Belgian Eifel

Cycling, hiking, relaxing, horseback riding, ...

Our ranch is located in Weckerath at an altitude of 550 m.

Weckerath has less than a hundred inhabitants and belongs to the municipality of Büllingen in the German-speaking part of Belgium (Eastern Belgium). Weckerath is situated in the beautiful hilly landscape of the Belgian Eifel. Here forests and meadows alternate. Small streams cross the valleys.

Wonderful well signposted hiking and biking trails are waiting for you. You can start walking directly from the house. Or enjoy the landscape on the back of your horse.

Prüm is 18 km away, Hellenthal 24 km and Cologne 100 km.

Just stop the time. Our meadows invite you to relax. Whether you watch the horses or read a book, enjoy the peace and quiet of our property. You can end the evening on our covered terrace with a BBQ.